Friday, December 9, 2011

Our new little Haus-mate


This is our newest addition to the family.  As I mentioned in the month in review, we had been talking about a puppy/dog for a while.  We came across the ad for Cooper and made some inquires.  The owner/breeder was located in regional Victoria and he was the last one left in his litter.  We asked for some photos of the parents (they owned both parents) and were happy to oblige with any information we wanted.  We fell in love with him at first sight so we agreed and picked him up.  He travelled well in the car the 1.5hrs drive home - in his carrier on the back seat between the girls - and slept most of the way.  He seemed to fit right in when he got home despite us having him inside most of the time, whereas he had been raised outside with his parents and litter.  We are using his carrier as his crate, which is where he sleeps when we are out or at night.

He has only had a few accidents inside but we are learning his signals better and with the weather warm we are leaving the sliding door open a bit so he can roam in and out as he pleases.
His favourite spot is on someone's lap.

He has had a few trips in the car - the first after coming home was to the vets to get his last vaccination and microchip which wasn't a very pleasant experience so we are trying to show him that the car can be fun.
He is a typical puppy and loves playing in the backyard...

And who could resist a face like this?

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