Monday, September 24, 2012

Friday SNAP Challenge

Breakfast consisted of Weetbix with milk and a dash of cream for me, toast with butter and jam for the girls and Hubby.  The girls had a glass of cold Milo each, I had two cups of instant coffee with milk and sugar (it's Friday...)
Lunch - Emily had a peanut butter sandwich with Cheese and Bacon Balls (chips) for snack, Sophie and I also had some Cheese and Bacon Balls as a snack and we had 2 minute noodles for lunch. Hubby didn't take lunch. I also had another instant coffee with milk and sugar.
Dinner was Beef Stroganoff made using approx. 200g of rump steak, an onion, a can of cream of mushroom soup, paprika, tomato paste and sliced mushrooms served with cream (which should have been sour cream, but we had cream on hand) and pasta.
Dessert was the last of the ice cream.

Running Food Tally:  Monday 17th to Sunday 23rd September 2012
Weetbix (14 bics)
Rice Cakes (8)
Tea Bags (12)
Apple (4)
Milk (5L)
Grain Waves chips
Instant Coffee
Strawbs (2 pt)
Cream (240ml)
Crispbreads (9)
Lettuce (1/2)
Butter (140g)
Lindt Choc (140g)
Tomato (1)
Ham (100g)
Tortillas (12)
White Sugar
Avocado (1)
Cheese slices (11)
Arborio Rice
Vanilla essence
Onion (3)
Cheese block(100g)
Corn kernels
Carrot (4)
Ice cream (2L)
Cannalini beans
Mineral Water
Zucchini (1)
Yoghurt (500ml)
Taco seasoning
Ginger powder
Mushrooms (500g)
Mince beef (300g)
Tomato Passata
Chilli powder
Garlic (3 cloves)
Chicken (150g)
Soy Sauce
Chicken stock
Celery (1/4 bunch)
Rump Steak (200g)
Rice vermicelli
Nutella spread

Sliced bread
C&B Balls

Noodles (2 pkts)
Raspberry Jam

Mushroom soup
Tomato Paste

Spiral pasta

 Other: Lunch order for Emily - $4.30; Lunch order for Emily - $3.30;
        Takeaway fish and chips - $20
I estimate I have used the equivalent of $65.25 in groceries, plus the others = $92.85 so far

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