Thursday, June 9, 2011

What's been happening around the haus

*We tried picking 2 of our corn cobs last week, but they were not quite ready - mostly still white kernels with a few yellow ones.  I'm not sure if they will ripen or if it is now too cold and wet.
*The main project of the concrete patio was achieved last month with mixed results - more to come on that.  Let's just say it's done.
*We hosted a farewell party for our friends who are moving, which included having 21 (25 if you count the kids) people over for dinner.  Everything went surprisingly well.
*I promptly fell in a heap after the previously mentioned farewell and spent the next week battling a throat infection.  The girls are now sick with colds - presumably with the same virus I had.
*We helped my sister build her side fence (read: Matt helped, I watched and held up the occasional piece of timber).
*We are trying to stay warm because winter has certainly hit.  With the wind chill at the moment the outside temperatures feel like 0 degrees Celsius even though the actual readings are more like 8 degrees (still freezing to me).
*Oh, and I have been trying my challenge of $100 per week in groceries and surprisingly I am making it work - more on that to come too.

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